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Blog 12/May/2001

It's been a momentous week...

...for Estonia. I would like to offer every one of my sardonic congratulations to Dave Benton and his Estonian backing group, who so staunchly persuaded us that disco is far from dead. And, let's face it, the British entry was probably the worst since whatever entered last year and did badly. We'd have had more chance if Lily Savage had sung it. Whether she hit the note or not.

O yes, I sort of left school yesterday. It didn't really feel like it, despite the commemorative mug that now sits proudly in the cupboard. It won't really feel like I've left until the moment that Reichsführer Booth signs my leaver's form, and I don't think I'll be able to relax properly until the second week of exams are over. Then, with just Physics left, I expect the sun to have gone behind a cloud.

There are two new dreams with this post, but they are for separate dates, since Blogger went awry at the weekend. One of them is the longest dream ever. Woo.








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