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Blog 19/May/2001

WELL, now we can all relax, unclench, calm down, since Higher English is firmly in the past. Hurrah. I think the general consensus was that it wasn't too bad, especially the poetry essay questions, which suited just about any poem that had words in it. I always found it curious that they expressly state that you may use Scottish texts in all sections of the exam. It would be far more interesting if you could only use them in tartan-coloured sections of the paper. Or every other minute. Still, they never asked me...

AS well, Maths went down with somewhat less scandal, despite the fact that it was probably as hard as last year's paper. Perhaps more nicely worded, though.

INTRIGUE! Surprise! Software! SecretPastry Software, in an enterprise that should really be announced on the other site, is releasing its first title. Expect it to be the archetypal killer-app, more useful than a comb and easier to use than a cheese-grater. For more information, you'll have to bribe me.

IN-KEEPING with previous weeks, there is a new dream in the appropriate place.

GOOD luck in the exams that are yet to come, although, since they are not English, luck should have considerably less to do with it.








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