mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 25/May/2001

OUTRAGE! Pizza Hut have abolished the staple Meal Deal for One. Singletons and thoughtful people everywhere should be up in arms at this terrible revelation. At a mere five-and-a-half notes for a small pizza and bottomless drink, whilst being more expensive than a good lunchtime at Clarkston Toll, was better than a kick in the shins. I suggest that you respond to this shocking provocation by going to the restaurants, and asking probing questions about what a "Twisted Crust" pizza really is. And why you should pay £1.20 premium for it. I don't know.

SHOCK! £1.79 for a bottle of Pepsi. £1.65 for a loaf of Kingsmill. 52p for a King-Size Twix. £2,500,000 for a nine-bedroom house. The London gravy-train is a runaway. Stand before it.








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