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Blog 28/Jul/2001

I would talk about the exhilarating week that I had, but that would be pure fiction, so here's a little story.

The dreams section, with which, if you haven't already, I suggest you acquaint yourself, was set up because I wrote down the dreams that I could remember. The reason that I did that was because it supposedly made it more likely that I would remember my dreams, and thereby have (and remember) a lucid dream. A lucid dream is the most curious thing. Imagine that anything is possible, you can do and defy anything; that happens when you have a lucid dream. Flying is no problem, for example, and the bizarre thing is that it feels completely real. I don't know why that is.

You can, therefore, understand my interest in such a matter. Well, I was lucky enough to have a lucid dream this week, which was remarkable, and I bring it to you in all its anti-climactic detail, on the dreams page. Go on and have a read.

I don't think Hell froze over this week...








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