mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 26/Aug/2001

"Golly gosh!" one might opine, on finding out that there's another royal-based dream on offer this evening. "Bugger off" is more likely, though.

I hope, if this concerns you, that you are having a nice time back at school. Sorry, I will stop going on about it someday. Just once I've alienated all of the regular visitors to the site.

And talking of site and school, I'm working (slowly) on a new project that will combine the two, using the former Schö site. Visit it at the moment, and guess at the obvious metaphor. Obviously, a change in direction necessitates a change in pronounciation. Previously pronounced "sh-oo-ew", it will henceforth be uttered "sk-hoo", if, indeed, anyone chooses to talk about it.

More to come...








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