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Blog 1/Sep/2001

A dream, upon which once, has been summarily added to the Dreams section.

I watched some of the hundred greatest kids' TV programmes ever in the world programme on Monday, and the outcome disquieted me. For while all of the other programmes were from before my time, such as Bagpuss, or from my childhood, such as Rainbow, or I had never watched them anyway, The Simpsons is wholly familiar to me. And perhaps I'm just brainwashed into thinking that anything I have grown up with is poorer (music, children's behaviour, exam standards), and that's why I think it feels like a cop out.

I mean, if I had voted, I would have done so for The Simpsons, because it's excellent, but I somehow don't think it should have won.

Hooray. I've got an extra job! I've doubled my number of clients in my job. Which is renumerative, to say the least. If you know anyone who has lavished many pounds on a computer, and who wants to lavish a few more on learning how to use it; and who is not mad; please refer them to me.

La da daa, la la-de-da la de da de daa...








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