mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 2/Sep/2001

Another new dream is good news for somebody, but god only knows who.

I feel that it's time for a new design for the site, and I've got a concept ready. All I need to do is get some clip-art to pad it out, and re-write some pages. Here are my plans:

  • New design on all pages, which will be predominantly white, with blue thrown in.
  • Main page links on the left of the page, intra-sectional links on the right.
  • New guestbook, but that will take somewhat longer.
  • Say goodbye to the pretentious, self-obsessive "Story" section.
  • How about a Links page, with a featured link, which changes randomly?
  • A new name, "mrry", the reason for which will be made clear.

And all of this, whilst I'm supposed to be creating a new site on the old Schö domain. Supposedly. It should materialise before I start uni in early October.

Talking of which, I'm off to visit it on Tuesday, to meet with my adviser of studies. It's one of those "bring a passport-sized photo and the original copy of your exam results" occasions. Which should be nice.

And right now, I'm downloading IE6, which should only have taken three-quarters of an hour, but which has been going for nearly two. I might just report on that later.








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