mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 8/Sep/2001

Vòila, the new site is up and running. There are still some treats to come, but allow me to give you the guided tour.

From left to right, top to bottom on the left-hand side:

Home: this, relatively unchanged.

Dreams: all of the archives have been made easier to read. Plus there are five new dreams for this weekend.

The Ducks: a cornucopia of new stuff here. All of the stories, collated for easy reading; a collection of Duck cartoons and films; and a Meet The Ducks lesson.

Holiday Pictures: totally re-written commentry on my Florida holiday. Plus, coming very soon, snaps from this year's summer holiday.

Links: There are some extra links to sites that I had thus far overlooked, plus a new featured site, which is picked at random.

FAQ: brand new explanation of some of the points behind the site. Replaces the achingly self-important Story section.

Guestbook: still the same at the moment, but soon to be replaced by a little CGI number. Meanwhile, keep signing it.

E-mail me: goes without explanation.

So please take time to discover all of the new sections of the site. Because I took the time to write them. Goodnight!








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