mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 6/Oct/2001

In this week's The Extra, I read that East Ren will "toss good money away" to keep Williamwood High running. Of course, they've been tossing good money away for years, by employing certain teachers. Boom: boom.

Well, I've now actually started uni, which was a strange experience. First of all, for my first Maths lecture (bearing in mind that everyone in the room had at least got Higher Maths), we learned about how to use the equals sign and brackets. O yes.

The lead-in to Computing was slightly more conventional, with the comparison of Programming to making a toy boat for a three-year old. Indeed.

And Electronic Engineering broke the ice with the lecturer demonstrating the speed of light by running on the spot. And also impersonating an electron, just like Mrs. Robinson did. (Halcyon days...)

Anyway, I'll put some dreams up tomorrow, once I remember their particulars.








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