mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 28/Oct/2001

And I suppose I had better finish off yesterday's post with all of the interesting things up with which I have come since I posted it.

Firstly, there's a new dream (a peculiar one) in the dreams section.

Secondly, about The Divine Comedy split. It's ironic that, when it was just Neil Hannon on the record covers, etc., the band stayed together, and didn't complain. But now that all seven of them have appeared on the cover of the latest album, they decide to split up. O well. I preferred the shots of Neil Hannon in the interesting locations, anyway.

Thirdly, I won a prize on Friday. It was the book South by Sir Ernest Shackleton. So there. And I'll not tell you what it's for: you'll have to guess. In fact you can have three guesses. Nobel prize? No. Brit Award? No. Recognition of devising one of the best solutions to a particularly fiendish programming problem? Perhaps.








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