mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 3/Nov/2001

There's just one dream today, but it has an odd quality to it. As, I would hope, they all do.

Quick, there's just time (I think) to make Perfect Lovesong number one this week. You know what you have to do. Buy the CD1, and the CD2, and the DVD single, and get all of your friends to do the same. That way, we'll have a hit on our hands. O, what do you mean, "I haven't heard it." Try listening to Radio 2 the next time it's on.

So I went to see The Others today. Nice film, nice twist. Three scary bits at most. Although the twist was worthwhile, it seemed to make the film less scary in retrospect. As in, that horrific thing was scary when you thought it was a ghost, but when it's just a hideous person, it has less effect. Not that that in any way reveals the plot of the film.

Steer clear of East Kilbride cinema on a Saturday afternoon, when you're going to see anything less than a fifteen. You'll thank me for it.

I'm sure that I could have other amusing thoughts, but not tonight, not tonight.








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