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Blog Google Musings 4/Nov/2001

It's amusing to see how the visitor figures change every time Google re-indexes. So today, I shall bore you with some pointless anecdotes.

The most sought-after pages are the holiday pictures, with hundreds of people looking simply for "Holiday Pictures". I don't really know what they are looking for. Unlike the people who come looking for "Funny Osama bin Laden Songs". They want something to the tune of Colonel Bogie.

The best result, which proves remarkably popular, is "I hate neds". Pastry comes up first for this, and has entertained many right-minded visitors on such a mission.

Cartoon ducks, animals, mpegs and wmvs also feature often in the logs.

It's also reassuring to find many people looking for Divine Comedy lyrics. However, they are mostly French.

Well, I'm all done being boring on the website: I shall now proceed to be boring in real life. Until some time next week.








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