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Blog 1/Dec/2001

In lieu of anything better to write, I now present some song recommendations, in no particular order.

Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone - Gomez. Worth it just for the name, and the lyrics of questionable meaning.

Underground - Ben Folds Five. Also worth it for the couplet: "Hand me my nose ring/ Show me the mosh pit."

Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits. Cool, cool, cool.

Frog Princess - The Divine Comedy. The French national anthem, blended sublimely into an excellent song.

Ed Harcourt - Shanghai. When I saw him perform this live, he accidentally kicked his bassist in the face. Making it a song of note.

Yellow - Coldplay. I'm just learning to play it on the guitar, and it really shows you how musically talented Coldplay are, considering the number of obscure chords they manage to fit in. Not to mention non-standard tunings (allowing my top-E string to go to pot...).

I could go on as long as I like, but I think I'll stop there, because I'm becoming unimaginative and tired. I'll hopefully have a dream for you tomorrow. Somewhat like laying an egg, really...








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