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Blog 29/Dec/2001

Hello. You may notice that there is an additional icon at the left-hand side of the window. It is, if you cannot make it out, a link to the new webcam. It will update every 30 seconds or so, whenever I am online. (And if you want to know when that is, look out for me on MSN Messenger, with the name, Hmm, very nice.

There is a surreal new dream in the dreams section, as I thought might be appropriate.

Well, I fulfilled a long-standing ambition on Boxing Day, as I finally (after an absence of several years, and we're talking a good few...) returned to Cumbernauld Shopping Centre. However, most of it was shut (cf. the date), and we couldn't make it to the clock, although I think we did pass the coffee shop where Gregory and his sister did have a drink. Much of the centre had been bulldozed, to my immense sadness. However, I shall return for a secondary expedition, and anybody who wants to is more than welcome to come along.









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