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Blog 20/Jan/2002

I had my first ever Degree Exam today. And it was okay, thank you for asking. To describe the experience, I shall compare it to the familiar world of Highers, etc.

  • Similarity: You sit at a desk, in a row, on a chair.
  • Difference: You can leave any time you like.
  • Similarity: You leave your bags at the front.
  • Difference: You can wear a jacket, which is nice.
  • Now that I have embarked on what I thought would be an interesting element, I realise that it's turgid, and will stop. Nevertheless, the exam for Maths 1R wasn't too bad, and easier than the last year's paper (IMHO).

    Also, whilst I'm talking about exam jazz (?), I sat my lab exam in Computing 1P (Programming). It contained no surprises.

    Well, exams are my life for the next six days or so, so I'll be off then, before I bore you so much that your eyes bleed. And your arse sprouts legs and walks away.








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