mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 27/Jan/2002

I have long noticed, as perhaps you have also, that the guestbooks for this site and Pastry have been down for the last month or so. I therefore have provided the services of the mothballed Schö guestbook for both sites. Hopefully the old guestbooks will spring back to life: otherwise I shall have to get around to finding a self-hosted solution that I can rely on. Ignore the old messages, of course....

It's my birthday tomorrow, as you ought to know from the ridiculous hype I gave it last year. In fact, let's have a look at what I said last year:

After a week of serious neglect, I have two miniature-epic dreams for you, including a continuation of the indefinitely-long series: Europe by Train! And another one.

I am probably against fox hunting, and angling, and even game shooting. But the funny thing is, if a duck were to shoot a human out of the sky, I probably wouldn't mind.



PS. Oh, and, er... happy birthday me.

Quite profound, don't you agree?








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