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Blog 2/Feb/2002

I had a very nice birthday, thanks for asking.

The film Vanilla Sky, though I had received many conflicting reviews and previews, I quite enjoyed, and was entirely prepared to watch it with eyes wide open. Perverse? No... but quite good, and, funnily enough, its third act tied in rather nicely with my fascination with dreams. In fact, and this is pure coincidence, the film ended with a question that I asked myself in the last week. I hear also that the original film is on TV tonight, so I might just watch it.

I visited Hamilton today, which is one of those lines guaranteed to silence a whole room full of people. Cheers Ian for bringing the car, and Kat for getting gloriously lost so many times. Fun fun stuff. "You can't get lost if you're going round in a circle." Truer words were never spoken.

I find that I am haunted by a well-chosen selection of music. I find that films are spookily close to home. I find my copy of the Glasgow A-Z in a box this morning. All of which contribute to my (paranoid, if) eminently reasonable theory that I am in a particulary elaborate version of The Truman Show. Indeed that film was intended to try and trick me into thinking that any such enterprise would be on a ridiculously small scale, but I have seen through their cunning. A ha.

I'm wittering now...








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