mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 17/Feb/2002

Hello, as you may appreciate, I am sending you my bi-annual (or so) dispatch from London.

London is very well, thank you for asking: the sun is shining, &c. Especially fair is Camden Town, which I sincerely recommend to anyone who visits the city. There are opportunities for bartering on clothes :-). Also, there is a fantastic music shop that happily sold me another obscure Divine Comedy promo, to add to my unlistened-to collection. I could say more, but I fear I'd bore you.

Tonight, I'm going to the cinema with my brother and his friends to see Ocean's Eleven. It's meant to be good...

I'm about to have my tea, the pleasant aromas of which are tickling my nose as I type. I also notice that I haven't put a dream up this month. The plain and simple reason for this is that I never sleep in February. Good night.








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