mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 31/Mar/2002

Back at the mad house:

The Head Duck, having suffered few traumas, is reduced to little more than a drunken bum who, to be quite frank, smells. He no longer wields any power in the school, and his only scheduled interaction is with second year PSE classes, to whom he represents a cautionary tale.

While not locked in his office, he wanders the corridors like a lost soul. He stops only to gatecrash Chemistry classes.

"Has anyone got the time?" he would say. Although someone would inevitably reply, he would continue, regardless, "I must have had forty watches. I keep losing them when I'm out drinking." He then asks one of the pupils, "What will you be doing on Friday night?"

The pupil replies, eagerly, patiently, "I'm going to the cinema with my friends."

"That's really sad," comes the surprising response from the Head Duck. "You should go out drinking on a Friday. And a Saturday. And Sunday."






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