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Blog 19/Apr/2002

Okay, so it's not exactly Seinfeld, but:

I like buses. Not to a pathological, perverse or obsessive extent. I just admire the way they get me from where I live to where I "work", and vice versa with a minimum of physical exertion.

However, this immense benefit is almost cancelled out by inconsiderate people who do not know how properly to travel. These people fall into the following categories:

  • People who sit on the outside seat on a busy bus and then don't move, even to let an elderly person sit down.
  • People who let their jacket drape over half of an empty seat on a busy bus, so that you can't take the whole seat.
  • People who sit next to you, on a quiet bus, when it's really not necessary.
  • People with a taste for dance music, and a penchant for Discmen.
  • Neds.

Cast them all into a pit.








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