mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 21/Apr/2002

I seem to have developed an almost disturbing fixation with automotive mass transport, but the evening ride home on the bus does tend to provide one with anecdotes. Like the other evening...

I was sitting on the bus home at about eleven o'clock last night, and my wandering mind was drawn to an elderly gent telling two youger women about the places that we passed. I thought that this seemed pleasant enough. The trio got off at the Vicky, and, as they left, another old man shouted out, "That was a load of crap!"

As the bus continued, he proceeded to bitch about the other man's guided tour, telling a bemused onlooker, dressed in her pyjamas - by all accounts - that the man was unqualified to proffer a guided tour because he had only lived "two minutes" in the Gorbals.

At least, I assume that was what they were talking about...








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