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Blog 23/Apr/2002

I also notice that my real alma mater, Netherlee Primary School, is doing relatively poorly in East Renfrewshire's standardised tests. This saddens me, because it actually is a good school, where the teachers actually do care about how their pupils do. And, of course, I pour scorn on the idea that primary-age children should be put through a regime of meaningless tests.

Nevertheless, while I am on my high horse, I reckon that the abandonment of Standard Grades at their secondary schools is a rather lamentable idea. OK, so 98% of people at Williamwood, for example, passed theirs, but I reckon that Higher results would get poorer without the experience of the - admittedly unchallenging - earlier exams.

I have to disagree with the S5 St Ninian's pupil on Reporting Scotland this evening who said they should be abandoned because "the gap was too big". Er, wouldn't getting rid of them widen the gap?

Anyway, I'll be back on a less political (and anti-East Ren) note, soon.




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