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Blog 28/Apr/2002

I present a dream for you today (which I put up last night but forgot to flag it up on the front page). It has an almost Zen-like quality of uninterestingness.

I noticed with some disquiet that the BBC will soon broadcast a reality-gameshow called The Experiment. It struck me as odd, because I had recently seen a chilling German film of the same name (Das Experiment, if you're being pedantic). The premise of both is that a group of volunteers are recruited to undergo a psychological experiment in which half are prisoners and the others are guards, in a simulated prison environment. Needless to say, things go awry in the filmic version....

The TV preview even appeared to have a set like that in the film. I must say that I thought The Experiment was a great film and would heartily recommend it to anyone who could find it in a cinema.

So I did a little research, and discovered that the film and TV programme were loosely based on a real psychological experiment conducted at Stanford University in the 1970's. And it turns out that it went awry as well, although not to the same dramatic extents.

The sum total of this is that I'm quite looking forward to the programme (which apparently had to be ended a day early, though this may be an interest-stimulating rumour), and I may discuss it with you again.








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