mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 1/May/2002

Happy May Day, unite and rebel against the tyranny of... o bugger it.

I have had an interesting day. Let me explain. It all started yesterday in the QM, when I espied a poster proffering £5 an hour for helping with psychological experiments. My curiosity piqued, we high-tailed it to the Psychology department - an unpreposessing converted house - and I signed up for as many experiments as possible.

I returned today, for the first of these. The test was to do with voice recognition: it was quite long-winded, but after half an hour, it was £5 - a-thank you very much. Felicitously, the researcher handed me over to another PhD student, to partake in a bonus experiment (15 minutes - £2.50). He then passed me on to another student, whom I shall be seeing on Friday.

Certainly the money was nice, and it more than covered my gambling debts for the last... week.

Upon completion of the experiments, my head was analysed and the congregated psychologists deemed me to be mentally unstable....








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