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Blog 6/May/2002

I've a lot to say, so I'll crack on....

I returned to the Psychology Department on Friday, and promptly was invited to do another experiment. The first was similar to one I had done on Wednesday, and the other was very strange, involving me guessing the weight that an animated figure was shifting.

The sum total of the above is... £6.

I notice from adverts that The Experiment begins a week tomorrow (the 14th)

The Book Group is fantastic television. Set in Glasgow, and on Channel 4, highlights of it include a cameo from Armstrong or Miller, a gay ned, the guy from the porridge advert, and a slightly less vacuous version of Footballers' Wives. You should catch it while you can.

I happened to see Panic Room on Friday. It was okay, although let down by the ridiculous premise of a family of two living in a four-storey house. Far worse were the "alternative"-yet-unreconstructed-suburbanites sitting next to us, speaking in a grating accent.

Far better was Space Camp, which I watched this morning. It had everything you would expect from an eighties kid's film, and absolutely nothing more - a modern classic!

I should have a dream for you some time in the next week, I hope.








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