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Blog 18/May/2002

In the heat of the excitement surrounding the last episode of The Book Group, I totally forgot to tell you about a new dream that I added last night. It's there.

I must thoroughly recommend the website Freeloader to you. It has a sublime little game, called Tennis Antics, which is a sparkling 3D arcade game. It's well worth the download, and, when Freeloader relaunches in the summer, it will have GTA 2 free to download.

Isn't it lovely if you can see the beauty in an overcast sky?

Back to The Book Group. I enjoyed this series, but I sincerely hope that they do not make another. The reason being that an inferior series would damage the reputation of the first. A repeat would be nice though....

Yesterday, for the first time in six years (or more), I ate a hamburger. It was at Wimpy, a restaurant that I hadn't frequented since an unfortunate run-in with a dodgy cheeseburger on Byers Road, about 12 years ago. The hamburger tasted just as I remembered it, and it was quite nice. However, the chips were a bit soggy, so I won't be making a regular thing of it.

Wimpy has restaurants on Union Street and Ingram Street, Glasgow.








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