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Blog 25/May/2002

I present a new dream for you today. It's quite long and very odd. And not at all Freudian.

I heard a really strange thing on the radio. Years ago, when I listened to Radio Clyde, there was a man called Richard who did the charity appeals. He turned up today on Radio 2, doing a quiz. It was very Through The Looking-Glass.

Continuing the link with south-side Glasgwegians on BBC radio quizzes, I heard Mark and Lard yesterday, with somebody on the Circle of Chance from Muirend. It turns out that the bit they do about road names isn't just made up, because the Glasgwegian example was Nethercliffe Avenue. That provided an interesting insight into the cartographic tendencies of my favourite Radio 1 show.

You might notice, as you peruse the dreams today, that there's a new link on the top right, which says something about when "new dreams are added". This is a link to the site, which offers to watch pages for you and tell you when they are updated.








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