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Blog 5/Jun/2002

I had a surreal experience in the waking world today. I was on the bus on my way into uni, when I got a call on spec about whether I'd be prepared to take part in a little EEG (electroencephalogram) recording session this morning. The task itself was fairly dull, about face recognition (same well-kent faces), but the preparation was mind boggling....

Firstly, my faced was washed with alcohol, and four electrodes were placed around my eyes: I thought that that would be all. However, out came what looked like a swimming cap with holes in, which was strapped onto my head, and had a further 28 electrodes placed thereupon.

Fair enough, I thought. But then liquid soap was rubbed onto my head with what felt like a cross between a cotton bud and a cocktail stick. And then the (bloody cold) gelatinous electolyte was put on top of that. Fortunately I couldn't see a mirror.

The experiment (and another supplementary one) came and went, and I got my first glimpse in a mirror. I was a mess, to say the least. However, I was offered shampoo (and even conditioner, which I declined - "Some of the males, they ask for the conditioner") and led to a showering sink. My day had got strange.

Once washed, I was allowed the use of a hairdryer, paid my £15, and sent on my way. A productive day's work....








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