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Blog 22/Jun/2002

Rather than talk about myself, as I am apt to do, being me, I shall today take the opportunity to tell you about a quite-good website.

Dooyoo is symptomatic of the shortage of domain names, being a rather obscure name for something that is definitely a good idea. It is a directory of products, which members of the public can review. The products are diverse and cover everything from cars to computer software to university unions.

I am a member, and have submitted a few reviews. If you want to read them, go to the site, and search for the member called "el_del". I hope you agree with my opinions and give them a good review.

Every time somebody visits your opinion, you earn dooyoo miles, which can be exchanged for vouchers or cash. This is an interesting scheme, and one which I shall report on again in the future.








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