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Blog 29/Jun/2002

I apologise for the fact that this page has become a little smug. Nevertheless, day 3, in the realm of my new computer went thus:

I went to buy the cables that would connect my graphics card to my TV this morning. We should take a detour into the blatantly sexual world of cabling. I needed to buy a male-to-male RCA (Phono) wire. I was reluctant to tell my parents this, for fear they asked me to explain the name. Of course, another name for what I was buying is a "gender converter", and I won't get started on the inherent mirth there.

Maplin's supplied me with the requisite wires, and then I headed off to the music-shop sales. I trawled the discount DVD rails, and I had a rather hard time picking a disk that I would watch. I eventually settled on The Man Who Wasn't There, a Coen Brothers film, starring Billy Bob Thornton.

When I returned home, my files had finished transferring from the old computer, so I was able to watch my Seinfeld collection again. Praise be.

The wire was long enough, but when I turned on my computer, it didn't work, unstraightforwardly. I read that I had to disconnect the monitor when I switched the computer on, for it to work. Doing this made the TV work for the POST and startup screen, but it garbled as soon as Windows loaded. Three sets of drivers later, it would work (after a fashion). I am reluctant to restart my computer though.

I watched the DVD. The picture and sound quality was excellent (considering I had got my surround sound speakers to work earlier on), and the film wasn't bad either. I quite enjoyed it actually, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

And now, with my system seemingly complete, I will rest (a bit).








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