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Blog 1/Jul/2002

Finally, I am able to bring you a new dream this morning, on a proud occasion for this website and my other web writings. Firstly, and less significantly, one of my opinions on Dooyoo was awarded a crown, as a premier opinion, and this results in £1.50 being credited to my account. Secondly, June 2002 has been the most successful month ever in the history of my websites. 1,269 people visited here and Pastry in the last month, exceeding the record set last November, of around 1,250 people.

I'm exceptionally happy with how things have worked out, and I hope that you, and others, keep coming back to make July the best month ever.

Of course, I know that, since many of my friends are on holiday and many offices and universities shut down for a period, that cannot possibly happen, and I'll be lucky to have any visitors this month. C'est la vie!








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