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Blog 25/Jul/2002

In case you missed that, that was the seventh chapter of The Ducks. It'll be out soon to buy on DVD and VHS.

In the intermediate three weeks, quite a lot has happened, that I've probably forgotten and you'll never know about. How you'll sleep...

Well, in chronological order:

I went to see Idlewild a week ago last Monday, and I must say they were rather spiffy. I won't pretend that I can remember all of the set list, but all the songs that I recognised sounded good (as did the ones I didn't), and I personally enjoyed the spontaneous ringing of a mobile phone at the start of Roseability.

I got a job, huzzah! I'm a Medical Records Filing Assistant at The National Waiting Times Centre. Expect my usual anecdotes about bus travel to be transposed to ones about trains, as I make the three-times-weekly one-hour slog to Dalmuir, in Clydebank.

I achieved a mass-naff-celebrity-spot on Monday. Surpassing Dougie Donnelly and even Vernon Kaye: I saw the entire Scottish Commonwealth Games team. Get me.

There's a new dream as well, if you haven't already come with excitement.








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