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Blog The Trainspotter Snobs 6/Aug/2002

They stand at the end of the platform...

They take no notice as your train passes...

They sip from a Thermos...

They are...

The Trainspotter Snobs

On my morning trek into Central, out on the far reaches of Platform 11, there sits an elite clique of trainspotters. They never deign to take down the class or number of my train, and this offends me. They somehow imply that they, with their anoraks, are cooler than my train. My train, it is worth noting, has people with jobs and friends on it. I rest.




Christian Broadhurst said:
I'm a freelance researcher with a documentary film company in Soho called FireCracker Films. We just made an award winning documentary for Channel Five called "The Worlds Strongest Boy" which was Five's second ever highest ratings success. We are currently trying to find Britains youngest Trainspotter - can any of you out there claim this title or no someone who can?? We need fanatical kids!!

paul said:
im a trainspotter and no how many times i see a perticular train i always take the number and log where and when i saw it so your trains number would be taken by me and im not a snob





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