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Blog 18/Aug/2002

I am beginning to wonder whether to products offered to me in my Junk Mail folder are really all they're cracked up to be. Take today's one, for example. From my good friend "Catch a Thief!", I received a missive with the subject, "The Worlds [sic] First Personal LIE Detector!".

I hope that one of the many intelligent and beautiful people who frequent this site can proffer a suggestion as to how a lie detector can catch thieves. I allow myself a titter at the vision of a well-meaning-but-gullible person stopping a man in a striped jumper (carrying a swag bag), strapping on a polygraph, and asking him if he had just robbed someone's house. Although perhaps I am being myopic.

  • I was going to link to the site, before I remembered that if you click on it, it will merely tell the company that makes it to flood my Inbox with offers for a Pocket Fingerprinting kit, and a voluntary drugs test.








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