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Blog 13/Oct/2002

It is hardly a hidden truth that Walt Disney World contains one modestly-proportioned resort that is solely for the use of US Military and Department of Defense (sic) staff. Shades of Green is a converted deluxe hotel, originally The Golf Resort, then the Disney Inn.

This is where it gets ominous. In 1994, the Walt Disney Company leased the hotel to the DoD for a hundred years. So, as you pass the Polynesian Resort on the monorail, on your way to the Magic Kingdom, consider how reassuring that you are but a few hundred yards away from a military installation.

The plot thickens when you read what it says on US Military websites...

"We're focused on junior enlisted service members because there is a direct link between morale, welfare and recreation, and readiness," Mr. Craig said.

One wonders then, if readiness is better served by the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin or the Frontierland Shooting Arcade?








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